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Surgical Interventions to treat Severe Pressure Ulcers

Funder: NIHR HTA

Funder reference: NIHR127850

Sponsor: University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust

Status: In Progress

Pressure ulcers mainly affect older people confined to a bed or chair, however younger or seriously ill patients with limited movement can be affected. Pressure ulcers range in severity from red skin to deep wounds through muscle to bone. They have a major impact on quality of life and are a costly problem for the NHS.

Common treatments for pressure ulcers include pressure relief and dressings. Reconstructive surgery can be used to try and close deep pressure ulcers but in the UK this treatment is uncommon. It is not currently clear which patients may benefit from surgery and which of the different ways of doing the surgery seems best.

The SIPS study involves three workstreams. The first will update literature reviews in this topic and survey healthcare professionals who manage severe pressure ulcers. The second will analyse data collected routinely in the NHS to describe the care currently provided to patients with severe pressure ulcers. The third is a consensus process among both healthcare professionals and patients to make recommendations about treatment with surgery.

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Chief Investigators: Prof Barney Reeves and Dr Jo Dumville

Twitter: @SipsStudy