Progenitor cell response after Myocardial Infarction Study

Sponsor: University Hospitals Bristol

REC Number: 09/H0104/58

After a heart attack, stem cells produced in bone marrow are released in large amounts into the blood and travel to the heart to promote the growth of new blood vessels and repair the damage caused by the heart attack.  In people with diabetes this process may be impaired, resulting in less efficient repair and poorer clinical outcomes after a heart attack.

The PROMIS study is studying patients with and without diabetes who have had a heart attack.  We are collecting blood samples after the heart attack to determine how many stem cells are released in the blood and how these stem cells behave.

Patients also have cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) scans to investigate the extent of damage to the heart after the heart attack.  We will determine whether the number of stem cells released from bone marrow is influenced by the degree of damage to the heart, and whether the relationship between the number of stem cells released and the amount of damage is lost in patients with diabetes.

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Chief Investigator: Dr Andreas Baumbach