Detection of Coagulopathy in Paediatric Heart Surgery

Sponsor: University Hospitals Bristol

Status: In analysis

Approximately 3000 children undergo major cardiac surgery each year in the UK and around 40% of these experience serious bleeding.  This is usually caused by abnormalities in the blood clotting system which can develop quickly and change rapidly.

The Decision study is currently recruiting 200 children undergoing major cardiac surgery at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.  We are collecting blood samples from these children and using these to identify the most important clotting abnormalities.   We are also investigating whether a rapid blood test called the rotational thromboelastometry test (ROTEM) can detect these clotting abnormalities and whether it is reliable enough to allow doctors to select appropriate blood components for transfusion and minimise exposure to unnecessary or incorrect blood components.

If successful, we will use these results to create guidelines that will help doctors in the future to select individualised treatments using ROTEM test results for all children after cardiac surgery.

Contact Information

Chief Investigator: Dr Andrew Mumford